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The plans for the Cobra are springs, light bar, gears and a supercharger. Paid $28,800 plus tax. Talk about 4.6L Power ! This stang has every option available in '98 for the Cobra, a wing and leather seating.

With the addition of the DOHC Cobra in our lineup, we now have every Mustang engine covered, 5.0L, 3.8L, 4.6L SOHC and now the 4.6L DOHC. We also have a budget for yet another Mustang project for the 2000 model year ! We'll have you covered for mods on all these engines ! Plus these Mustangs are under unified Mustangworld ownership (brothers) and having each Mustang on hand takes the guesswork out of questions we may get about each model. This is why we are very excited to welcome the '98 Cobra into our Mustangworld project car lineup.

Enough talk... you can check out these pics below, they document some interesting text also below.

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Interesting notes about the '98 Cobra (all documented in the photos above):

1) No upper strut tower brace, NO HOLES ARE PRE DRILLED EITHER !!! You'll have to drill holes yourself and install your own bar if you want one. It can be difficult because the rear mounting plate is also not there.
2) Cobra etched on the steering wheel.
3) No dash clock (like in '96-'97), it's in the stereo system. But it's still very easy to set the clock.
4) Only driver side has power seat (like all Mustang models).
5) Comes with Cobra R "like" wheels. They have a double lip VS the Cobra R's single lip design.
6) Dual Cup holders, but all but the smallest of drinks get's crushed by the shifter in the first cup holder area. A removable coin tray insert (standard) can be placed there for coins. You can hold bigger drinks in the first holder than the '96 - '97 holder can.
7) Lighter socket has been moved up to the center console area.
8) Ford sends you a "Certificate of Cobra ownership" so you can prove you have the real thing.
9) No front honeycomb grill insert (only came in '96 stangs, all models).
10) White face gauges are black on white (Vs blue on white of our BBK white face gauge kit on our GT), BUT the stock Cobra gauges have this "PREMIUM UNLEADED FUEL ONLY" stamped on the face dead center, which we think is a bit dumb, the word "Premium" takes up an extra line..
11) Of course the Cobra requires only Super unleaded gas to run properly.
12) The engine is massive (compared to the SOHC GT V8), it rides higher up and requires the Cobra hood in place.
13) As you look out the windshield while driving, there is a noticeable "bulge" in the hood area (compared to the GT or base stang). It's there to accommodate the larger DOHC engine.
14) 17" rims with 245/45 Comp T/A's are standard rubber.
15) Leather shift knob,leather wrapped steering wheel AND leather wrapped e-brake handle.
16) The Cobra has unique front headlights, they have clear lenses with a different pattern on them.
17) The Cobra fog lights are round (of course), but the lower front bumper area is all one piece (molded in color), The GT / Base font ends have a black plastic lip that can be removed. The Cobra also includes (like the GT/base) a black rubber front splash guard (below in front).
18) The "all one color" side panels applies to the Cobra as it did to other Mustangs starting in '97. In '94-'96 the side panels were two tone black/interior color.
19) The Cobra engine is still made "special" by those 2 guys signatures on the engine block (to prove it's special).
20) The Cobra's intake system is similar to the GT's (before the MAF). Air silencer and all.

  That's it ! .... for now...

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