2000 SVT Lightning
by Mustangworld

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What's a truck review doing on Mustangworld ? Well the Lightning is no average truck !

The Ford F150 is already the hottest truck on the market. The SVT Lightning however, is for the enthusiast who want's "more", and it delivers.

When we recently got the chance to take the SVT Lightning out for a spin, we didn't pass it up. With a 5.4L Supercharged / intercooled 360HP and a whopping 440lbs of torque, we were excited.

Some minor changes for 2000, including color matched mirror inserts, rear tinted glass, overhead digital console and rear tail lights (more on page 2).

The name that separates this truck from the pack.

The Eaton blower mounted atop the already strong 5.4L. The engine runs very smooth.

SVT Lightning in bright red clearcoat.

Driving Impressions:
It has a very good on center feel and steering is responsive. It drives very, dare we say, car like.

Off the line the 5.4L's torque get's you moving quick. Put the pedal down and it's like hitting fast forward on a VCR. You can feel the boost rocket you down the road. The engine serves up 440lbs of torque at only 3000 rpm so it's a very fun truck to drive anywhere.

The tuned suspension is nice, and with all that torque, zipping across lanes in traffic is a breeze without excess body roll. The Lightning also rides very smooth. The 18" x 9.5" SVT wheels and Goodyear Eagle F1-GS 295/45ZR tires hook up nice off the line.

Our 6.8L V10 and supercharged 5.0 in the background. We wish we could keep the Lightning :-)

This model had the optional soft tonneau cover.

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